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Asia Argento

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Asia Argento was born in Rome Italy the daughter of famed Horror film director Dario Argento & screen siren Daria Nicolodi. Asia began her acting career at age 9, working with directors like Cristina Comencini, Nanni Moretti and Michele Placido. She received the David di Donatello (Italy's Academy Award) for Best Actress in 1994, and again in 1996 for Compagna di viaggio, which also earned her a Grolla d'oro award. She has appeared frequently in her Father's films for which she has been crowned a scream-queen. In 1998, Argento began appearing in English-language movies, such as B. Monkey, XXX and Abel Ferrara's New Rose Hotel. Over the years Argento has proven her ability to captivate audiences acting in a wide range of reknowned international productions La Reine Margot, Catherine Breillat's Un veille Maitresse, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, Tony Gaitliff's Translyvania, and Olivier Assayas Boarding Gate. Asia wrote & directed her first film, Scarlet Diva in 2000 garnering awards and acclaim internationally. In 2004, Asia directed The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things based on the controversial book by JT Leroy.
In addition to her cinematic accomplishments, Argento has written a number of stories for magazines, while her first novel, I Love You Kirk , was published  in 1999. Argento's photographs have appeared in numerous fashion editorials, and she is a reknowned DJ worldwide. She also has directed music videos including a controversial clip for Marilyn Manson that was banned from airing.
Asia was an official Jury member for the Cannes 2009 Film Festival. In the last year she played in the Matteo Rovere film, from Sandro Veronesi Novel, "Gli Sfiorati" and in the last Vincenzo Salemme commedy.

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